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During the discussion of Arthurian legends, names like Monmouth, Malory, and Chretien de Troyes (Cristian, 2023) always come first in scholarly thinking. In this context, King Arthur was a far more universal legend in the Middle Ages. The Arthurian legends raise copies of fairy tales, brave knights, magic, legendary beasts, and the masterpieces of medieval kings. In this context, novels and stories are those images where the basis of legends has been focused. Literacy is authentic; therefore, it is one of the many pathways through which Arthurian wisdom became well-linked. Literature is the main form of the expression of Arthurian knowledge. Arthur was first mentioned in early poems, such as the 'Y Goddodin and early chronicles' (Cristian, 2023). After that, he has been noted in fiction, immersed in history and legends. Therefore, two versions of legendary kings have appeared. The first is a warrior king of the post-roman period, in the early fifth century CE, and the second is King Arthur, a classical hero of medievalism. He is an entity that incorporates medieval significance and the images of the medieval kings. The paper aims to discuss the medieval King Arthur and his stories throughout many books written by many authors, such as Nennius of the 9th century and his text Historia Brittonnum. The article aims to express those legends who evaluated medieval times throughout their activities as a part of the social and cultural values of medievalism. The methodology has been conducted through documentary analysis and a qualitative approach. The feature question is, how was the period of early middle age, and how did King Arthur contribute to becoming a classic hero of the era?


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